Volunteer Medical/Dental Missions & Internships in Kenya

Dates: Available All the Year Round

Program Description: You will find The Kenya Medical/Dental Missions and Internships opportunity enlightening and rewarding. It’s a great opportunity to donate your skills and time to helping others in need, while gaining hands-on medical experience and learning firsthand about medical care in Kenya

Medical and Dental Interns work in hospitals, small clinics, old age homes,orphanages and shelter homes to assist the staff in the treatment of patients. They can educate andguidethese disadvantaged people about sanitation, hygiene, nutrition and provide first aid to people with Medical outreach programs kenya, volunteer medical mission kenya, medical outreach mission in kenya, volunteer mission in kenya, medical mission , medical internshipssmall injuries.

Activities During the Volunteer/Intern Period:
Generally you will assist/support the doctor/dentists or clinician in the normal routine of medical work e.g. taking vital signs, dressing wounds, taking patients history, counseling patients, providing assurance and moral support to patients’ family, disbursing minor drugs, administering shots, drawing blood, holding babies while they are being treated, helping to screen and organize patients, assisting staff with getting medicines/supplies,

Volunteers will be staying with a local host family in order to experience the culture of the local people

Benefits to the Volunteers:

1. Learn more about tropical diseases in Africa eg malaria.
2. Learn more about infectious diseases and issues to do with public health
3. See hands on the effects of HIV/AIDS.
4. Learn more about the medical systems and procedures here in Kenya.
5. Apply for academic medical credits in the school back home.
6. Learn about the culture of the local people.
7. Visit many other places while in Kenya e.g. historical sites.
8. Make a vivid comparison of Kenya and home country.
9. Help in alleviating the shortage of medical staff thus contributing towards reducing the  mortality rates.
10 .Open up doors for many other interns all over the world to participate by being part of the pilot project.
11. Make long lasting friendships with the local people.

Length of Commitment: minimum of two weeks and a maximum of 1 year before renewing the commitment.

Accommodation: It is our policy that all our volunteers to stay with an African host family to learn more about day to day living of an average African home. We have trained selected host families with experience of handling volunteers with all the care that they need. Some volunteers who come as a group are allowed to stay in the home. We have guest rooms that can be used by visitors.

We receive volunteers at the airport and take them to an already booked hostel. We will have a big paper with your name/names Printed in a very big font size They then rest for one day in the city. The following day we travel by day bus to the community. All this time you will be with our guide.

For young volunteers who are under the age of 18 need Either A letter from parent or guardian to Gracepatt Ecotours Kenya indicating that they have agreed for you to come to this program. This letter can either medical mission trip kenya, volunteer medical mission, dental mission kenya, volunteer mission kenyabe mailed to us or you come with it yourself as you come to join our program. Or A letter from the patron of your school club (e.g. interact volunteering club, model UN, community service club, school travel club etc) who should be an adult to tell us that he /she have released you to come to join our program. Or A letter from your school; to tell us that they are happy you have chosen and agreed to come to volunteer and learn more about Africa.

Medical and DentalVolunteers/Interns perform and generally helping out whatever capacity they might need you.

Qualifications : Any general volunteer who can help in any way; we would also like persons in the medical profession.

Language: English

Volunteer Types :

  • medicine
  • nursing
  • nutrition
  • Dental
  • volunteering

The Mission/Internship will cost you

  • First 2 Weeks = USD 850
  • Extra Week = USD 200

Minimum duration 2 Weeks
Maximum duration 1 Year

Included in Program Fee
• All Food
• All Accommodations
• Airport Pickup/Dropoff
• Transfer to Project Location
• Orientation
•Sim Card for your Cell Phone
• 24/7country coordination
• First & Last Night accommodation at Nairobi on Full Board dental internship kenya, dental volunteers kenya , medical internship, dental internship, dental outreach program in kenya,

Not Included in Program Fee
• Airfare
• Visa Fee
• Vaccinations
• Internet
• Phone Calls
• Daily Transport

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